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Dope Skeletons NFT Collection

777 NFTs buried in the Ethereum Blockchain. 

About the Project

Dope Skeletons is a collection of 777 NFTs buried in the Ethereum Blockchain waiting to be unearthed. This is a free mint PFP collection with no promises.

Each Dope Skeleton is a unique piece of 3D digital artwork, which has been algorithmically generated from a mix of 70+ attributes across 7 traits: Background, Skull, Teeth, Hoodies, Eye Wear, Head Wear, & Mouth Accessories. Stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum Blockchain.

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Legendary Dope Skeletons

Frequently asked questions

  • When is the Mint Date ?
    15 July 2022.  Free Mint + Gas. 1 NFT per wallet.
  • What is the licensing agreement?
    CC0. This means there is no copyright. You can modify, distribute and perform the work, even for commercial purposes, all without asking permission. Find out more about CC0 here. <<<
  • What is the Utility of Dope Skeletons?
    Art & pfps , your NFT will also be a whitelist ticket for future collections.
  • Who is the creator?
    Dope Skeletons is project by Redrum Renders and Lara Ghattas. Contract audited by
  • Is there a Whitelist ?
    Yes, there is a Whitelist Mint. To avoid gas wars we will allocate most of the Dope Skeletons to whitelisted members, however a batch of Dope Skeletons will be available for Public Mint.
  • How can I get on the Whitelist ?
    We want to follow a "No Grind" approach where we pick people based on first come first server basis. Enter here:Mint List  
  • Is there a Discord?
    Yes, Dope Skeletons holders will have an exclusive section in the RDRM discord server post mint. For the time being, the discord will be read-only for the public.
  • Dope Skeletons RDRM Discord

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